Fast paced endless runner with base building mechanics!

Travel with Emma, Nick, Will and their dog Sammy to the mystical Isla Roca! Explore an almost forgotten world and take care of the last surviving dinosaurs! Help the explorers free the captured dinosaurs and take care of them in your own scientific base camp! But they’re not alone: Quinn and his henchmen have made it their mission to catch the dinosaurs and earn money with them.

  • Downloads: 100.000+
  • Release: May 2018
  • Client: Geobra Brandst├Ątter GmbH
  • Genre: Endless Runer
  • Platform: Android, iOS, WebGL
  • Audience: all ages (GDPR compliant)
  • Promotional game for a new physical toy line from Playmobil!
  • Low poly game art based on original high resolution playmobil data.
  • 4 different fully animated vehicles for jungle, ocean and mountain level.
  • Showroom that demonstrates the physical toy line in lush 3D.