Dog Hotel

Open your own dog hotel!

DogHotel invites you to manage a brand new dog resort. Use your skills to watch out for dogs. Try and learn how to run a successful dog hotel business.

Grandma Edith’s pug must lose some weight, brawny Labrador Lucky wants to join the fire department, and little poodle Lizzy wants to learn his first tricks. Make sure all the dogs and cute puppies in your hotel have a good time and happily return to their owners.

  • Downloads: 18 Million
  • Release: Feb 2015
  • Client: Tivola Publishing GmbH
  • Genre: Management & Caring Game
  • Platform: Android, iOS, Amazon
  • Vividly animated animals with dynamic and random behavior!
  • Engaging mini-games and rewarding mission system!
  • Unlockable hotel customization with improving stats!
  • Frequent updates and multiple features in app stores!