Cayman GTS Driver

Test your driving skills with the new Cayman GTS Driver!

  • Client: Porsche AG
  • Release: Mar 2015
  • Genre: Serious Game, Racing / Quiz
  • Platform: Browser
  • Purpose: Introduction campaign & driving education game for the release of the Cayman GTS by Porsche AG.
  • Official advertisement game for the Cayman GTS launch campaign!
  • Get to know the Cayman GTS through a Quiz, Training, Timetrials and Showroom
  • Compete with other player on the global leaderboard!
  • Cayman GTS model based on actual industry CAD data provided by Porsche A mission-based adventure story in five chapters, heavily influenced and infused with arabian nights folklore
  • Barter and Fight in a unique, surprisingly strategic dice-based rock paper scissors mini-game