Cat Hotel

Run a cat boarding house!

Every cat is different – the cuddly British Shorthair male wants to be petted often. Mia, the curious Ragdoll, on the other hand, thinks the laser pointer game is great. In total you can take care of six different cat breeds. You’ll find out what the individual cats’ preferences are and take loving care of your protégés. You check the health of the cats at check-in. Afterwards your protégés have to be cared for, stroked and fed. And then the day really starts!

  • Downloads: 7 Million
  • Release: Mar 2016
  • Client: Tivola Publishing GmbH
  • Genre: Management & Caring Game
  • Platform: Android, iOS, Amazon
  • Vividly animated animals with dynamic and random behavior!
  • Engaging mini-games and rewarding mission system!
  • Unlockable hotel customization with improving stats!
  • Frequent updates and multiple features in app stores!