Made with our narrative engine: StoryTime!

Storytime is a powerful and flexible narrative engine to easily implement and iterate narrative content. It allows for a very fast development path from first text draft to first playable. Easy to handle implementation tools make fast iteration cycles possible.

Storytime is a tool native to the Unity3D engine. Once set up, the whole game can be built through Storytime by a designer. A writer or narrative designer can now work directly in the Unity project and ensure that the story is an integral part of your game.

  • Work directly in the Unity StoryTime Editor to create your own narratives.
  • With StoryTime you can create a great variety of gameplay structures: from simple dialog, to interactive stories, puzzles, quizzes and character creation!
  • StoryTime allows for intuitive visual scripting with an approachable interface!
  • Easily extendable to fit the project’s requirements!

Interested in StoryTime?