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My Dolphin Show

Tasked with porting the popular flash game series ‘My Dolphin Show’ to mobile by spil games, we went out of our way by converting the loved franchise into a rich 3D experience.

The resulting title offers a unique gaming experience specifically catered towards a young audience, with a surprisingly broad appeal through all genders and ages.

The game organically reached an audience of over 4,5 mio players worldwide. It‘s input scheme is innovative and it‘s visual fidelity and vivid animations are unparalleled in the genre.

So far the game has seen 4 major updates, resulting in a total of tfour worlds, 72 levels and 39 costumes.

3D Art & Animation

At it Matters we are fond of our strong 3D art skills. We cover a broad range of scopes from stunning AAA asset production to charming low spec characters and environments.

Years of experience led to a fast and reliable high quality asset pipeline that roots in a sophisticated high to low bake process.


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